I'm Milena.

I'm a Certified Health Coach, Gym & Fitness

Instructor & Nutritional Therapist

with a holistic approach to healthy & balanced lifestyle!

I have been studying Nutrition & Fitness since 2013 and I still

undertake many courses throughout each year, to excel in my

field and to gather newly researched knowledge to assure my

customers get the best service possible.  

You have made a first step already...

You are on this page for a reason...And that reason is YOU and 

your need for a change!

One thing is sure! 
Taking SMALL STEPS FORWARD will bring you FURTHER than

JUMPING the distance you might not be ready for!

I believe that rule applies to anything in life..! 
Take your time and be patient making a change as this will help you slowly but SURELY transition and adapt to a NEW HABIT, new LIFESTYLE, New YOU!

For many people NEW is scary...it doesn't have to be! 

First WORKOUT for a non-active person...
First NO to a pack of crisps...
First YES to I'LL DO IT NOW...

But also nothing is as REWARDING as ACHIEVING YOUR GOAL no matter how BIG or SMALL they are

TAKE A STEP...! MOVE FORWARD even by one inch at the time...! 

It's better to move slowly but surely!

Eventually, you will pick up THE PACE, speed up and shock yourself with HOW MUCH YOU ARE ABLE FOR! 
Get to know your abilities...
Get to know your body...

As a certified Health Coach I'm encouraging you to take up a life changing journey to a better health, higher sense of wellness and mindful living, through science based, well researched techniques and methods I use with my clients creating a guided, trusted and confidential client-centered relationship. 

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