Health coaching is a journey...

Journey of a relationship between a client and

a coach that is based on trust and acceptance with

client-centered approach. Health coach partners

with a client to create a comprehensive, achievable

and measurable plan that improves clients overall

wellness including improved exercise and nutrition

behaviors. Coach guides clients to self-explore their

values and beliefs,  helping them create healthy

habits aligned with their vision for future.

Health coach utilizes research and evidence based techniques and behavioral methods like motivational interviewing, strength based coaching, cognitive behavioral coaching, positive psychology and more, to help client draw a plan, centered around clients self-discovered goals and strategies, to achieve long term motivation and adherence to that plan.

In recent years health coaches became key members of healthcare teams, as it’s proven that Health Coaching improves clients long term goals attainment and adherence, in simple word help clients to create valuable goals that they can stick to in long term.

Beliefs and values drive our behaviors and vice versa… It is very important to understand and discover own values and beliefs, that affect our behaviors, that not always lead to  positive health outcomes.


If we undertake a journey of self-discovery, we get a chance

to truly realize our goals and visions, place ourselves in a position

to fully understand own eating habits, exercise choices and

other health behaviors like smoking, drinking alcohol,

binge eating, stress management, sleep disorders and more...

We give ourselves a chance to experience meaningful, positive

and powerful change. In the process we learn techniques to

help ease stress, build stress resilience, improve sleeping

pattern, improve eating and exercising habits, prevent and manage

chronic health conditions like: diabetes, cardiovascular disease,

anxiety, depression, hypertension, obesity, cancer, osteoporosis ,

low back pain and more.

Wellbeing is a state of physical, mental and spiritual contentment that manifests itself in good health, both physical and mental, good social support, and living a life aligned with ones values.

To achieve that state is possible NOW, more than ever. With my help as a health coach you are setting yourself up on a great start to a great change! You as an expert in your own life CAN achieve any goal you want!

The key, is to awaken the potential that lies within you! With my professional help you can start the process anytime, no matter how much or little time you’ve available in your hands, what work related challenges you might face, financial or social difficulties. It is all possible! The health coaching process is a process of YOUR CHANGE, YOUR GOALS, YOUR PLAN guided and supported by a professional in an acceptant, warm, empowering, non-judgmental manner.